Isle of Rhou Description.

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Isle of Rhou Description.

Post by MousenHeath on Sat Aug 07, 2010 7:29 pm

An artist's interpretation of Rhou.
A small isle just of the coast of Nyx. The Isle of Rhou is a quaint little place, much more green than Nyx itself. It's a moss covered, ferny place, heavily forested to boot. Many Elves reside here, staying out the way of the slightly mad Wizard of Rhou, no-one quite knows what he does, but it must be something important surely? He's the only one to carry the title of wizard. Strange. The Elves live in clans, with a complex social hierarchy, the main clan, known to themselves as Bane Clan, is the biggest and most heard of though several smaller Clans roam the wooded island. Many waterfalls sit around this scenic place, though just as it is scenic, it's dangerous. The wizard may be friendly, but not all of the elves are.
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