Towers of Shroom Description.

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Towers of Shroom Description.

Post by MousenHeath on Sat Aug 07, 2010 7:11 pm

Encostic art, by your's truly.

The first, and most leaning stalk of the Shroom is housing for their employees, it's very run down and in need of some repair.

The second is the political stalk of the Shroom, it is the widest and most sturdy, the political stalk of the handles the mapping of glitches and the care of the community of Nyx. They take care of everything the goddess doesn't have time for.

The third and most winding stalk of the Shroom is the Academy of Shroom, which trains young magicians, of course only those with enough magic in the blood can learn, them being human seventh son of seventh sons and seventh daughters of seventh daughters.

The fourth being a courthouse and archive house.

The fifth is housing for the workers of the Shroom.
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