Forest of Nhimn Detailed description.

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Forest of Nhimn Detailed description.

Post by MousenHeath on Tue Apr 27, 2010 8:07 pm

The whole forest sits under a dark and foreboding air. For miles around the place, nothing grows exept for groups of straggly thorns. No matter where you go around this area, it always feels like your being watched. Even on the sunniest day, everwhere else that is, the forest sits under a cloud of murky fog.
Its so dark, even if you kept a candle with you it wouldnt do any good. This whole place is evil right to its very core.
No animal are ussaly see, and if you do see any animals, its far roo late, wolves with hollow eyes roam these woods, preying on most things that enter them.
The forest is unnaturally silent, the only noise you might hear would be the sound of something breathing down your neck, but thats most likey your imagination, right?
No light ever enters this place, it stands alone and desolate with it's castle of dark grey fog above it.
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