The Second Glass House

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The Second Glass House

Post by MousenHeath on Sun Apr 25, 2010 4:41 pm

Another Glass house stands by the the first. This is where Farmer Fairclough keeps his rare and valuable plants.

"Time flies it really does, it seems like just last week you were tendin' me vegatable plots, and now I'm showin' ye' me greastest secret. Well come in don't just stand their dawdling. This is my Spice house!" inside the glass house are many exotic plants, unseen from the outside. Strange foliage curls up and around the structure, passion flowers dangle from the ceiling. It's also stifflingly hot.

Season Summer: Keep some of them well watered; don't water others. It's quite confusing, but just make sure nothing wilts, oh and theirs some harvesting to be done; namely the passion fruits.
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