The Breeding Rules.

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The Breeding Rules.

Post by MousenHeath on Sat Jul 17, 2010 2:53 am

Only certain pets are breedables. Like Evelon we would love to make every species breedable, but I'm far too lazy to even consider the workload (Yeah, Ray's the main artist I'd give the poor snake lady a heart attack O3o Ray here! I'll keep trying to make lots of cool things for you guys 8D)

Obviously stick to the sites PG13 rating, that is again obvious.

To breed your pets first you must see if there's any dens or roosts available. If there is, simply claim a den/roost in the thread. In roleplay form of course. You may only request one room per kind. (Though since me and Ray live on different time zones your unlikely to get Baku and quetzal dens/roosts released at the same time)

You start a topic in the breeding area, only one couple per room, obviously. Please if you claim den one. Simply write [den1] example x example [ Bob/Charles] obviously writing down the two pets your breeding with the names of your pet(s) and the names of the trainers where Bob and Charles are. You can share a room with another trainer, or you can breed two of your own pets together.

Please post your pets images on the first post of your breeding. It makes things much easier for us ^.^

You may be in as many breeding as you can, but you can obviously only request one of each kind at one time.

For a Baku breeding to be successful you must give the pets time to bond. That means having atleast 25 posts for a Baku breeding and 30 for an Antana. (Bakus are very quick to bond. Anantas take a bit longer.)

You must complete the roleplay within two weeks, and once it's finished label it [Finished] in the title.

Baku fox babies will be born a week(ish) after I place them in the falls topic, they will grow up on average a week after that. Ananta eggs may take anywhere from a few days to a couple weeks to lay eggs, which usually take around a week to hatch. Babies grow up whenever Ray finds time to draw the full adults; if you'd like, you can request them to take longer so you can roleplay more.

If you have a partner you must decide between yourselves who gets who, you can split them however you like, just post in the topic that includes your breeding pair. Remember both of you must do this for it to be official.

The custom that the offspring came from cannot be made more than a great grandparent. It's great grand children will not be able to breed. However you may breed your foxes as many times as you want to. Providing you can snag the room of course. Anantas can breed as far down the lineage as they'd like, because I (Ray) like making big family trees, but they don't take well to inbreeding, having smaller clutches.

If I've forgotten something you think is important please post in the thread. ^^'

Also, Ananta breeding is still WIP which means Ray will toss out gallons of meaningless stuff JUST IN CASE. Ignore it.
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