Let's Play A Game, Shall We?

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Let's Play A Game, Shall We?

Post by Rayquaza7996 on Sun Jul 04, 2010 5:29 pm

Introducing our newest species, the Floral Cockatrice! These creatures love games, and each week they'll have a contest. Whoever guesses what plant they're based on gets to select what next week's plant is! Of course, there's a catch to this. Though you're given the image and three hints, one hint may be partially or completely wrong! Why? Because lying is fun! 8D

This week, the game was tested through PM's and won by Pickle. This is the Devil's Fuge (European Mistletoe) Cockatrice, now available for adoption by everyone! The next game should begin on Friday or Saturday!

In other news, three wild species are now roaming the roleplay section.

Dun worry! They don't bite cause they don't have mouths 8D

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Re: Let's Play A Game, Shall We?

Post by MousenHeath on Mon Jul 05, 2010 11:29 pm

As a note, The three wild pets are the:

Mindeater Turtle.

The Strength eater Scorpain

and the Spelleater snake.

You will find these where ever you find their prey in abundance.

Where's the place where you'll find intelligence in massive amounts?

Lets think, where would you find heavy duty workers uploading and unloading stuff all day?

Where would you find magic or to give a less subtle clue, where in this "Shroom" Would you find them?
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