The Moors description.

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The Moors description.

Post by MousenHeath on Sun Jul 04, 2010 4:53 pm

Image borrowed from;
A view of The Moors from the fields.
The whole place seems bathed in mist, beware weary traveller many a soul have gotten lost here... It's the place closest to the forest of Nhimn, and like Nhimn it seems never to get light here. It always seems to be surrounded in thick, thick fog. Lights seem to me of no use here, nomatter the whether beyond the moors. The place stays at the same eerily chilly temperature. Which lights are often seen flickering in and out of focus, beware of them. They are just as dangerous as the many werewolves that roam this desolate place.

Little known to most folk, a ruined church stands in the center of these Moors, it was once a grand church, that can be easily seen from the intricate carvings littered around the place, huge blocks of stone are strewn around the place. It seems as though rather than dying of old age, this place was murdered, brutally murdered.
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