The Shrinking Mushroom.

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The Shrinking Mushroom.

Post by MousenHeath on Sun Jun 27, 2010 2:41 pm

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A strange place with stranger customers; this place is on the quieter side of the port. It serves the weirdest drinks, from luminous purple cocktails to a bright green whisky, this place is crazy and the regulars are crazy to say the least, whether it's the three eyed hag or the red-eyed half demon, these customers are strange. Some brave souls often come here just to see what strange creatures stroll through it's doors. They offer a wide range of strange drinks, some apparently from other realms.

The tavern itself is perhaps stranger than the customers and drinks it serves. Everywhere their is antiques, relics, from old lobster pots to once-enchanted mirrors, this place is packed to the high-heavens with stuff. Being almost over the top in nature, well worn chairs and dusty tables sit in the midst of chaos. It's a strange, strange place.
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