Just Keep This Living.

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Just Keep This Living.

Post by MousenHeath on Tue Nov 16, 2010 1:04 pm

Just keep the site going, November is being a pain. I've got pages upon pages of school work to do and I'm finding myself with no muse for Nyx. However I don't want to let Nyx die... I'm just trying to sort some stuff out with them, my plots ect. We will have a Christmas event and I'm hoping to kick life into this site with that. ^w^ So anyway for the rest of the months just know I've not really gone.

Down the winding path he trod,
Kilholmes in his wake.
For the silvy estolhod,
And the hoolesnake.
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Re: Just Keep This Living.

Post by Rayquaza7996 on Thu Nov 18, 2010 4:23 am




Feel free to stick the hatchlings in. They're actually adults right now, I'm updating the art as I type.


Empty house far away
lost in lonely space
you know you felt the same

From the shallows of love
to the depths of your scars
you know you want to change

In the rafters of fate
fixed and spinning late
there is a certain fear

Even light with control
lights outside our homes
wait for every tear

So exit the fall and now it's over
you're letting it fall before your heart
so exit the fall and now it's over
you're letting it fall before your heart

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