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Post by MousenHeath on Mon Nov 01, 2010 5:32 pm

Okay... I haven't been giving this site as much attention as it should have been getting. For that; I'm sorry. I'd also like to take the time for some updates and this, that and the other.

The main Nyxian plot, will probably go on until Christmas time. During the course of that, some event roleplays might spring up, a chance for some more halloween pets.

If I take too long to fill your order on anything please Message me I might have forgotten, and I won't bite your head off for it.

We will have a Christmas event, yes.

I am going to finish sorting out my Settlement, which will then give a clear list of plot characters. Things may change in time as things go on and I add/get ride of/adjust characters to my liking.

And that's all for now. Any questions post below.

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