Guide to Ananta Subspecies and Other Breedable Quetzals

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Guide to Ananta Subspecies and Other Breedable Quetzals

Post by Rayquaza7996 on Wed Oct 20, 2010 8:30 pm

Original (Pure) Ananta

Female and Male

The Pure Ananta is a large, three-headed creature usually between 5' and 8' tall when sitting in the art pose, resulting from an Ananta baby with the "RR" genotype. In most cases, they possess only one mind each, despite their three heads, though each head will often "see" things differently - as if one looked through rose-tinted glasses and another through black ones. They are said to be descendants of a celestial serpent, and are a breedable creature. Clutch size varies depending on a variety of factors, but is between 2-5. They are fast, smart, and powerful, though they lack scales, making them vulnerable to attack.

Bijou Ananta


The Bijou Ananta is quite a bit smaller than an Ananta, as the metal plate on them is usually no more that two feet at its longest. They result from an Ananta baby with the "Rr" genotype. Depending on the quetzal, they may possess one mind or multiple minds. They are slow creatures, due to their lack of limbs or any actual body to slither with. They rely on their wings to move around. Their clutch size also varies, and tends to be 2-4 eggs. Though slow and physically weak, they can be a challenge to slay due to the incredible strength of their shield-plate. This shield-plate, if removed from a corpse, makes a great shield, though a large one.

Prion Ananta

Female and Male - lines are shared, but gender is archived in The Archives.

The Prion Ananta is an incredibly rare and dangerous creature. It has a 25% chance of occurring when an "rr" baby is born*. It is highly poisonous - females have a deadly neurotoxin in their upper head and a disease that drives others mad in their lower head; the reverse is true in males. They are naturally of a divided nature, and are the origin of the usually-deadly "rr" gene that resulted in the Bijou carried genes expressing themselves. They are said to have the blood of an ancient and powerful goddess within their veins. Their clutches tend to yield 2 or 3 eggs, though the rr die-off can lead to very small amounts of actual Prion births.

Wyrm Quetzal

Wyrm Quetzals are the mutant offspring caused by the dangerous "rr" gene. Though like their kin they produce children, the odd latent genetics in Wyrm Quetzals can have very...strange results, to say the least. Wyrm Quetzals are hermaphrodites, and tend to be completely unpredictable. They are prone to exploding. :/ Their clutch sizes depend on what you're breeding them to, a purebred Wyrm breeding would be ABSOLUTELY INSANE** and give an amount of offspring inversely proportionate to how busy I was.

*50% chance of death, 25% chance of Wyrm Quetzal, 25% chance of Prion Quetzal
**ya rly.


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lost in lonely space
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so exit the fall and now it's over
you're letting it fall before your heart

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