Battle Elements

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Battle Elements

Post by Rayquaza7996 on Fri Sep 10, 2010 6:36 pm

The battle-system has 10 elements - two "cycles" and a center in each. "allied" gives a damage bonus when fighting in the same battle (either side, voltage vs. wind both get the bonus)

Cycle 1
fire - beats acid, weak to water, allied with dark
acid - beats voltage, weak to fire, allied with verdancy
voltage - beats water, weak to acid, allied with wind
water - beats fire, weak to voltage, allied with light

neutral - beats nothing, beat by nothing, allied with earth
earth - beats nothing, beat by noting, allied with neutral

Cycle 2
dark - beats verdancy, weak to light, allied with fire
verdancy - beats wind, weak to dark, allied with acid
wind - beats light, weak to verdancy, allied with voltage
light - beats dark, weak to wind, allied with water

A creature may have from 1-2 elements. If it has one, you may give it another or change it; if it has two, you may change one or remove one. These rules don't always apply, it will be noted when they DON'T - mostly in any tournaments, as we don't want people to get an unfair advantage.


Empty house far away
lost in lonely space
you know you felt the same

From the shallows of love
to the depths of your scars
you know you want to change

In the rafters of fate
fixed and spinning late
there is a certain fear

Even light with control
lights outside our homes
wait for every tear

So exit the fall and now it's over
you're letting it fall before your heart
so exit the fall and now it's over
you're letting it fall before your heart

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