The Great Nyxian Libary, description.

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The Great Nyxian Libary, description.

Post by MousenHeath on Fri Apr 30, 2010 12:40 am

Borrowed from:, if not hundreds of thousands of books line this imposing hall, lights full of fireflies hand from the celing and statues of lapis lazuli and gold guard the entrance, and exit to the place. Did that lion statue just... move? Of course not... Silly me.
Every book in existence is here, exept for maybe one or two that lie in the Noi temple, but the staff don't apreciate it if you mention that. A intelectual old jack rabbit is the head librarian.
"I'm a Hare for the last time I'm a hare." He yells, adjusting his glasses as the ferosity of his yell shook them.

Huge ladders lead up to the books, some laders streching three metres high, some of the more dedicated readers bring baskets with them so they can get all the books down they want, mind you you're only aloud one book out at a time. Don't want to upset the satues...
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